Artists Up Next: Kevin Abstract Gets First Published Piece In Magazine

Ian Simpson, known by his stage name “Kevin Abstract”, is an artist that should get used to media outlets wanting to promote his name.

Abstract tweeted earlier today expressing his excitement for getting his first bio article published in a professional print magazine. With his second album American Boyfriend releasing on iTunes November 18th, Abstract continues to show his growth so far since his debut album MTV1987 released back in 2015. From working and performing with bigger names, packing and selling out venues, getting his Twitter account verified, and appearing on multiple radio interviews, Abstract already has enough to show for himself; and now this.

Information about Abstract’s upbringing, influences in the art, and his attachment to high school are but a few examples of what to expect in the article. The piece will be published in the next edition of FADER Magazine, and is already up for early viewing on their online website.

You can read the full story here.

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